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Online learning platform for Mr Nhan's Business English Communication Class. Here students can get access to various learning materials and submit the assignments in various formats such as PDF, DOC, PPT. With spoken assignments, students can submit their voice recordings or video clips.

Business English Communication - Level 2

This course will offer students a opportunity to practice speaking English with Mr Nhan through the Highly Interactive Online Learning System ECO EDU.

In each session, we will be discussing one particular topic such as jobs, fashion, health, sports, travel, etc.

In order to join these free speaking sessions, participants need to use a computer (or laptop) with a headset (headphone and microphone). Preferably, students need a webcam to conduct video chatting with Mr Nhan and other members.


- Make sure your computer is connected to internet via standard ADSL.

- Do not watch video on line, or/and use any download programs such as IDM, because it will badly affect the quality of voice and video.